About us

Every Abundance began out of a lifelong interest in the medicinal value of plants. Plants. trees, flowers, herbs etc. were the first medicines. With the advent of modern medicine many of the "old" remedies and knowledge were tossed out in favor of chemical and artificial alternatives, many of which cause worse side effects than the ailment being treated. 


With the surge in interest in the use of essential oils over the last few years I saw a dangerous trend. Many of those selling oils are just that, salesman.  They don't know about the safe use of oils, where they come from, contraindications for their use and the list goes on.  I saw so many using oils incorrectly and dangerously.


Yes, oils are natural; however they can be over used and misused.  I felt it was a need to educate myself and others on the correct and safe use of these power substances.   


Jimmy Thigpen is our certified Aromatherapist.  He is certified thorough the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy and insured as such.  We are not an oils sales company nor do we sell oils that are affiliated with any multi-level marketing company.